Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A Technique to a Speedy Recovery

Lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) is recognized as a useful procedure to enhance and speed the recovery following plastic surgery. I have been using this technique for several years and have been very impressed with the results. I have received special training in LDM and now offer this technique for the convenience of patients.

Best Candidates

Patients who want to enhance and speed their recovery from cosmetic surgery. Specializing in breast cancer to regain full Range of motion.

Patients with postoperative swelling find LDM to be very soothing and effective in its results, especially patients who underwent lipo-suction.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an accessory circulatory system similar to the cardiovascular system with the exception that it does not have the pumping action of the heart. Therefore, lymphatic circulation is much more tenuous and depends on small muscles in the walls of the lymphatic vessels themselves as well as on the pressure and activity of the surrounding tissues.

The lymphatic system is responsible for absorbing and transporting metabolic waste products away from tissues, and these waste products include dead cells, large molecules such as fatty acids and proteins, and also viruses and bacteria. In the healing phase following surgery, waste products tend to accumulate in the local tissues. These waste products increase and prolong inflammation, swelling, and pain during the healing phase. LDM improves lymph flow and accelerates the removal of these waste products, and thus speeds up healing.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Works

  • LDM is a massage technique that improves the transport of lymph through the tissues.
  • LDM uses acupressure which is completely different from the maneuvers of Swedish massage. Excessive pressure is sometimes necessary and is required to help reduce any scar tissue.
  • During the active phase, pressure is gradually increased, stimulating the skin in a particular direction. Each stroke is directed towards the regional lymph nodes to stimulate appropriate lymphatic flow. Strokes are repeated five to ten times in each area.
  • LDM can be started several days after surgery and the typical patient undergoes several treatment sessions.

This patient had a very aggressive abdominalplasty with liposuction. She got a very poor result and for good reason was very upset. The surgeon took too much fat out and she basically had skin attached to her muscle. I began aggressive lymphatic massages and after 8 sessions we made some progress. The scar is smoother and the lumps from the liposuction are softening up.

Before After
lympdrain_before lympdrain_after


Medication and rest could not fully remedy the tension and soreness I was having following breast reduction surgery. When my surgeon suggested that post operative massage therapy might help, I took the option. Considerably sore and in a state of agitation and distress I went to see Laurie Lombardi. After her amazing massage I walked out of that first session in a state of tranquility and with no pain. A few days later just as Laurie Lombardi predicted, when distress returned it was not nearly as intense as before. I opted to have three more massages and in each instance the scarred areas softened, soreness diminished and rapid healing of my surgical procedure ensued. Thank you Laurie for sharing your talent and the wonderful gift of your healing hands with others.

– Nicholasa Mohr, Writer. Manhattan, NY