Testimonial-Cindy Vanderbeck

What I love about her lips stains. She added another great product to her list of many. I put this on at 8 o’clock in the morning. It was before I had my surgery at 8 o’clock that night and you could still see it and once again her products are all natural.

These Lip Stains & Glosses are Amazing!

These lip stains & glosses are amazing! Love that they are all natural and that the color STAYS on your lips. I have been using natural makeup for years, and none of the colors last that long. But these do and they feel so good on your lips too. They have moisture and don’t dry out your lips either. Just love them. Thank you, Laurie, for making these…they are wonderful!-Margaret Sanchez

Thank You, Laurie!

Kathie Lee Gifford

Thank you, Laurie! For your lovely cosmetics. God knows I can use them after the last few crazy weeks! Thank you for wishing me well.-Take care. Kathy Lee Gifford

A Blessing!-Testimonial

A blessing!

You are truly a blessing! Thank you! -Malini

Lovin My New All Natural Lip Stain

Loganberrie all natural lip stain

Lovin’ my new all natural lip stain by Laurie Lombardi.This one I’m wearing is Loganberrie.-Shannon


Luv the Lip Gloss & Stain!

Luv the lip stain & gloss!

Luv the Lip Gloss & Stain! I know you’re not supposed to eat it but it tastes delicious!  XO!

Big hug, Ilene Golembiovsky

Hi Laurie–
I guess I’m a “blast-from-the-past” from the Dr. Beraka days and following you thereafter…even to your home for skincare. 
I recently had reason to dig into my supply of skincare makeups. Yes, I did and still do, stockpile products I love and know will ultimately be discontinued. Well, Lo and behold– just what I needed I found: a brand new unopened compact of lite olive beige CAMOUFLAGE! So, remembering you fondly, I googled you to see what you were up to.  (I know I contacted you years back about a recommendation for dermaplaning after you had relocated).
I see you are doing and promoting what you always loved best…natural good health. I hope you and your loved ones are living a happy, healthy, and blessed life. With fond memories of days gone by..

Best regards, Teresa

Hi, Laurie…Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how very pleased I am with the results of your facial dermaplaning of my face. My face looks amazing, and the procedure is so simple and makes so much sense! I’ll be back! 

Erica Jones, Bronxville, MD NY

Thank you so much for your incredible kindness and generosity. I love your products. Thanks again for making me feel beautiful. You have such a wonderful gift


Thank you so much for your time, strength and great company throughout our several hours together. I always counted on the laughs I would have with you. Live life to the fullest and keep laughing.

Nicholasa Mohr, Writer, Manhattan, NY

Medication and rest could not fully remedy the tension and soreness I was having following breast reduction surgery. When my surgeon suggested that post operative massage therapy might help, I took the option. Considerably sore and in a state of agitation and distress I went to see Laurie Lombardi. After her amazing massage I walked out of that first session in a state of tranquility and with no pain. A few days later just as Laurie Lombardi predicted, when distress returned it was not nearly as intense as before. I opted to have three more massages and in each instance the scarred areas softened, soreness diminished and rapid healing of my surgical procedure ensued. Thank you Laurie for sharing your talent and the wonderful gift of your healing hands with others.

Dr. George Beraka, Plastic Surgeon, New York, NY

Thank you for taking such good care of our patients. All of the patients love you and say that you have magic hands and Judy and I love you too.

Dr. George Beraka, Plastic Surgeon, New York, NY

Laurie Lombardi has worked with my patients for 8 years and she has been an enormous asset to our plastic surgery practice. She has performed lymphatic drainage massage, lactic acid peels and dermaplaning on our patients and has provided skin care advice. She is also a gifted make-up artist. She does all this with great competence and grace. She really has a gift and countless patients talk about her “healing hands

Ph.D. Sonja M. Ramirez, Clinical Psychologist, Clifton, NJ

Finally! Skin care that has long-term benefits. I have tried it all and nothing had a lasting effect. I glowed after a facial, but a few days later my skin looked dull, my pores were still huge and my blackheads were still out of control. I even tried prescriptions, but my skin dried out and the effects were gone shortly after I stopped the medicine.

Dermaplaning makes my skin look radiant, smooth and super healthy. And best of all, it has a lasting and cumulative effect. Every time Laurie treats my face, my skin looks better than the last time. The effect remains and my pores get smaller and smaller. Here and there, Laurie will add an acid peel after the dermaplaning and the effects are phenomenal. My skin is rejuvenated and healthy. I actually love my skin, which is something I never thought was possible because it didn’t happen until my mid-thirties.

My skin looks refreshed, healthy and clearer than it has ever been. I love and trust Laurie’s services so much that I travel from New Jersey to New York to see her several times a year. It took me years to find Laurie and I trust her completely to do what is best for my skin. Laurie knows my skin better that I do and she has a magic touch. She helps me put my best face forward.

Roni Hewitt, Founder and Director of Children’s All Day School, New York, NY

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Laurie Lombardi. I am a patient of Laurie’s and have had a very beneficial and instructive experience knowing and having her treat my skin. She is very knowledgeable and spends time explaining things about skin care and nutrition.

The treatments I have received have been extremely beneficial and I definitely notice a change for the better in my skin. She spends time on each visit and never rushes through a treatment. I have enjoyed her services very much. 

Thanks Donna

Laurie, I just wanted you to know, I absolutely love the way my face feels and looks. I hope to get in to see you again.

Patricia, age 71 Colts Neck, NJ

Laurie Lombardi has been maintaining my face for the past seven years, first in New York City and now in New Jersey. Because of her unique Dermaplane procedure, which is so much more effective than Micro Dermabrasion, my skin is smooth and minimally effected by aging. The Dermaplane procedure helps with large pores, fine lines, keeping a robust, healthy glow on the face by eliminating dead skin and promoting growth of new skin cells.

She also helps with shaping/restoring eyebrows, including tattooing if needed and removing and facial hair. Laurie can also provide recommendations if a client needs further assistance with her hair, rejuvenation of face without surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Cindy NY,NY


Mary, Colts Neck, NJ

Laurie, you are a true perfectionist. My permanent makeup looks wonderful. I now have eyebrows, and eyeliner. I only wish I did it sooner. The color is just right as well… See you soon, for my detox.

George J. Beraka, MD Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

*We actually do not use microdermabrasion in our practice. We prefer a technique called microdermaplaning. I work with Laurie Lombardi, who is an excellent aesthetician, and Clinical Nutritionist She has extensive experience with both microdermabrasion and microdermaplaning and feels that microdermaplaning is both safer and more effective.

The disadvantage of microdermabrasion is that there is limited control in the depth of penetration. It is possible to get broken capillaries and pitting of the skin with microdermabrasion, and microdermabrasion is not appropriate for patients with pigmented skin. The crystals used in microdermabrasion can interfere with good visualization of the appropriate target areas in the skin.

Microdermaplaning is more technically demanding and has to be performed correctly, but yields better results. It is appropriate for all patients beginning in the late 20s. The skin is cleansed and then the microdermaplaning is performed by gliding a dermatome on the skin. Microdermaplaning removes facial hair and speeds up the production of new and healthy cells. It helps smooth acne scarring and it helps with the absorption of skin care products such as vitamin C serum. Microdermaplaning does not damage healthy tissue or break capillaries, and it is very effective in removing light surface wrinkling and in improving skin texture. It also lightens uneven hyperpigmented skin to a more even skin tone. It leaves the skin glowing.

Microdermaplaning takes less than an hour to perform and there is absolutely no down time. Microdermaplaning should be followed by good skin care at home, and ideally it should be performed every two or three months. 


Well 2 years later and “I’m still ticking”. I have somewhat digested the shocking news I received in June 2012 that I had breast cancer. Also, I remember the numbing agreement with my surgeon for a mastectomy and praying for the best. At this time, I could not decide on reconstruction surgery. I thought it was very expensive and I did not know how my initial surgery would go. Alas, the surgery went good and a few months later, I ventured to a recommended plastic surgeon. He told me I was a good candidate for reconstruction. I deliberated for a while and I felt I’ve been through a rough time and I wanted to be “repaired” to the best I could. Several procedures later, I have a silicone implant which is fine! My implant though was like a face without features. I was told about getting tattooed (areola and nipple) I was at first surprised because I was being sent to yet another professional, “Laurie Lombardi” for this procedure. Again, I thought about it and decided to go for it. I’m glad that I followed through. My body and I really feel whole again. The tattoo procedure was ‘lightweight’ compared to all my others. It was less painful then getting a tooth filled at the dentist. (Really, really!) The tattoo was applied with much professional ability and compassion. Much care was devoted to this procedure and I felt safe and happy. My Doctor obviously sent me to the best. For me, the old cliché’- “I have the icing now on my cake.” Say’s a lot. It’s all out there go for it!

The other skincare treatment, which caught Healthy Hollywood’s attention, is microdermaplaning – which is a relatively new form of deep-exfoliation. “By your mid-thirties your skin doesn’t slough off dead skin cells as rapidly as it did in your twenties, and it does get more sluggish with age,” reveals NYC skin guru, Laurie Lombardi of Townhouse 114. Dermaplaning is done with a dermatome. Practitioners, like Laurie, use the blade to remove the outer most layers of skin cells, leaving complexion smooth and radiant. Sounds crazy, but it does work! The best news is dermaplaning is relatively inexpensive and can be done in under 20 minutes. Plus, the results last up to 3 months 

Best regards, Teresa

Laurie…Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how very pleased I am with the results of your facial dermaplaning of my face. My face looks amazing, and the procedure is so simple and makes so much sense! I’ll be back!

Margie Adelman

I have been using Laurie’s products for about 3 weeks now. Everyone has commented on my skin and I also see a major change. My skin is more hydrated and my fine lines seem to be softening. Best of all, my skin is glowing and looks more healthy than it has in a long time. I”m so grateful to have a cousin that is so knowledgeable and such a pioneer of evidence based ingredients. Because, truly, most products out there have so very little active ingredients and these are made at high therapeutic levels with only the best ingredients. Gotta love that! Thanks Laurie for making skin care so easy, effective and affordable.

Jackie Carlin Sherman

I start with the Oatmeal scrub which feels great and smells yummy…then go to the C cream which has made the texture and the tone of my skin amazing. No more little age spots. I actually put some on the few age spots I have on my arm. Then off to the DMAE my favorite. Gives that lift and tightness to the skin. My eyelids don’t sag and my jaw line is so much tighter. At night after the Oatmeal scrub I use what I call The Magic Bottle of Oils. OMG, what a wonderful hydrating mixture Laurie Lombardi created. So smooth and feels so good. Ya think I like these? I LOVE THEM…such a big change in my skin!! WOOHOO…Thank you

Carolyn Barnes

Looking many years younger. This product is amazing.

Cindy Collins Vanderbeck

Laurie Lombardi has been working on my face for quite a few years she’s done permanent make up on my eyebrows, both eyeliner upper and lower. She also does derma planning and I use all of her products. I use Eric’s vitamins as well. I just can’t say enough about what they do. My skin has never looked better and I owe it all to her. I will be coming in in the next few weeks for her to do my face and my chest. Got a little bit too much sun down in Cabo, but she will fix it.. Laurie you are the best! And the new the face & eye serum is amazing!

Carol Marshall

I am a bit older and this procedure does wonders for we ladies over 60.. it makes our skin glow again. Look and feel so much younger.

Karen Brunetto

Laurie, Eric and the Natural Pharmacy have been a tremendous help to my husband and I over the past month.not only is Laurie’s Blog filled with great information, but they both have personally helped us get better educated on the importance of eating better and taking the right vitamins. We both look and feel better then ever! we just wanted to thank both of you for the personal attention and the wisdom that you provided for us. Laurie is a very caring and wonderful person. Her expertise is amazing! Ever so Grateful xo – We both Thank you.

Joanne Tranchina

I have spent lots of money on products and there is no comparison, and only a fraction of the cost. BUT her FACIALS along with her amazing products will make you look, and feel like you never did before. Laurie is very talented!

Cindy Collins

Love love love my permanent eye makeup absolutely beautiful.. I really don’t know why every woman doesn’t do this – wake up and have your make up on and look perfectly natural is so wonderful. Why women want to spend hours in front of the make up mirror every morning is beyond me .Thank you, Laurie, your technology your knowledge you are one in 1 million.

Carol Marshall

I got to try out Laurie’s new vitamin c cream. Lucky for us, we no longer have to keep this amazing cream refrigerated. Wow !! IT IS LITE AND CREAMY AND HAS A BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANCE TOO. Thank you, Laurie you did it again!”

Jacqueline Garwood

Like everyone, I was skeptical about trying a new skin care line. I’ve been using Laurie’s skin care line for a year now. I’ve seen and others have noticed that my skin has noticeably improved. What’s worked for me is I start by using Laurie’s Oatmeal Scrub every evening. It exfoliates dead skin cells and removes the oils from deep in the pores. Rinse. Then I apply Laurie’s Vitamin C cream. It builds the collagen under my skin and is lightening the sun spots. Next I put the DMAE gel under my chin and above my eyes. It lifts the skin and prevents sagging. Lastly, I apply the organic Face and Eye Serum. This I put all over my face and neck. It has a beautifully light scent of Frankincense. Thanks Laurie!

Claudette Serpico

To my beautiful niece, You have made me look younger, your cream is incredible (Vitamin C) I use it every day & it smoothed out my skin & I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.My friends keep telling me you look great.,…Debbie is looking so much better too her skin is starting to heal, & her body is as well..Thanks,when I look at other people my age being 81 today it’s hard to imagine lookin good.

Sharon Thompson

Laurie’s has a new formulation in for Vitamin C & Eye Cream. I tried the Eye Cream and love the new product as it tightens the skin and reduces puffiness under my eyes. I have been using the Vitamin C for about a year and the New Vitamin C formulation doesn’t have to be refrigerated which is great for travel. I love it when I get compliments on how good my skin looks. Thank you for creating such an amazing skin care product line! 

Cindy Collins

I  use all of Laurie’s products from cleanser to skin tightening there is nothing better. The best thing she makes them herself there’s no alcohol no preservatives they all have an expiration date. Actually, I have never made it to the expiration date I just use them up… Great products!

Theresa Marie Ferrara

I love the organic face and eye and neck serum I buy it every month … I can see a visible difference when I use it….and I have been through a lot of serums…this one is 5 stars….⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Margaret DiBella

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful products that have been making such a difference in the feel and look of my face and neck. I’ve only gotten a few treatments of your microdermapalnning but they have already given my skin a lighter and brighter feel than I’ve had in years.  I’m  very grateful that I found you as yours is a talent not often found outside of NYC.   Looking forward to my next visit!

Cindy Vanderbeck

Between her microdermaplaming and her products, your skin will never look any better!  If you have brown spots from acne when you were a kid she can get rid of all of that. I have been to a lot of people for my skin I’ve been with Laurie a long time and she is the best! 

Serena Licastro

I have to say Laurie has AMAZING products!! This is a gluten free, no GMO line. It is fierce!! Your skin glows and feels hydrated!! I Love it!! I will also be doing my facials with her line as well!! Especially when I do Dermaplaning. Laurie’s oatmeal and lecithin scrub, Face and eye serum is a must to try! Oh! Her eye cream is so thick and has rosemary and caffeine in it so you feel it working!!

Mrs. Collins

I went to see Laurie Lombardi today to get my derma planing Thinking my face looks pretty good and that she wasn’t going to get too much dead skin off. To my surprise, she Took off so much my skin is just glowing. I use her products daily the oatmeal scrub the vitamin C the DMAE I love it all she has a new eye cream that is just fantastic there are no perfumes no preservatives it’s all gluten-free I can’t say enough good things about her. We have her in New Jersey and we are so lucky to have her. She is the best.. and if you’re looking for good vitamins everything that they have in the natural Pharmacy in Ocean New Jersey, is gluten-free and Dr. Eric can tell you what you need. Frank loves the way my skin looks when I come from Laurie, I even have him using one of my oils. And the best thing about it is your skin will stay beautiful. She’s been working on my skin for quite a few years and we talk today about how much better My skin looks today than it did years ago. Thank you, Laurie Lombardi, you are truly a gift. 

Margaret Rotella

I recently had a micro dermaplaning session with Laurie Lombardi and the very next day I got so many compliments on my skin. It’s been weeks now and people are still asking “what did you do?” It’s remarkable! You can VISIBLY see the difference. It’s better than anything else and not a waste of money… there are true results. I highly recommend this procedure and Laurie is a real pro. Then I left there with her products, which was like the icing on the cake. These products are no BS… just highly bioactive products with high percentages of active ingredients, no fillers. They are AMAZING. Thanks for your innovative creations. IF the world only knew about your products you would blow everyone else away. For anyone out there that wants to look like you got a peel and took years of dead skin off your face, THIS regimen is the answer! Try it. You will NOT be disappointed.

Geralyn Ann Brown

I’m not one to write reviews, but I feel compelled to share my thoughts on Laurie’s products. After using the organic oatmeal exfoliator, which I could actually eat, it smells so good, I use her Vitamin c cream all over my face, concentrating on my cheeks where I have sunspots from baking in the sun in the 1970’s. I am completely amazed by my results. My sunspots are fading and so less noticeable after only using it twice. I then apply the eye cream under my eyes, which smells great and the consistency is fantastic, I even use a dab above my upper lip to cover my lip lines. Then the organic oil is applied all over and my skin is soft and just an amazing feeling. So, if you are looking for a fantastic product line, which is all organic, these should be your new go to products.

Ms. Sanchez

There’s nothing like Laurie’s products on the market – they are high percentage active ingredients – zero fluff or fillers! If these products could be found in a dept store they’d be 10 times the price but they don’t exist !! Best kept secret in America

Try them you will never go back to using anything else – thank you, Laurie, for making these products – they have truly changed my skin and reversed some sun damage I had. The BEST! 

Lori Ann Petro

Feeling fabulous with Laurie Lombardi!! My skin never looked better… microdermaplaning is magical 

Monica Centracchio

No makeup 💄 don’t be afraid 😳 my skin feels amazing!! Just had the amazing @laurielombardi_natural_product give me one of her special facials, the technique is called dermaplaining (sp?) she literally uses a straight age razor, to remove all the dead skin & then places a mild peel to help with any remains. Ladies, gentlemen, anyone, if you want to look younger & have amazing soft, clean, tight, moisturized face, go see this gem of a woman, she’s incredible!! Thanks so much @laurielombardi_natural_product ❤️😀🙏

Chavon Edwards

Laurie Lombardi Microdermaplaning service is a safe way to deeply exfoliate to establish a great foundation for healthy skin and enhances the absorption of the products that you use. Her vitamin skin cream gives your skin a beautiful glow and maintains the glow after the microdermaplaning. It is well worth the money.

Christine Betsy

The first-day putting makeup on after my derma planning—love, love how wonderful my skins feels and how beautifully my makeup went in. And love the Face & Eye serum!!

Thank you, Laurie…soo looking forward to my next treatment. I feel beautiful

Monmouth County Woman Magazine

Check out microdermablading with Laurie Lombardi at The Natural Pharmacy & Wellness Center. Along with using her skin care line, our team members skin looks and feels better after just 1 treatment. Try it today! Call 732-695-0277 or visit www.laurielombardi.com

Click the link below to view Laurie Lombardi & Eric Sauer article in the Monmouth County Woman: Click Here

David Huber of Baronet4Tibet

Laurie has a passion for what she does and this shows in the outstanding quality of her products. My wife and I love the fact that her products are all natural. Her videos are very instructive and informative, all worth the time to listen and acquire her vast knowledge.