Eric’s Formula of Probiotic Vegan Formula🌿🍃

Probiotic results in controlling the pH balance in the intestinal tract preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine. It’s true Probiotics can be found naturally in non-pasteurized, fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, and fermented veggies ( think sauerkraut, miso, tempeh)

Most people get very few of these foods in their daily diet. Every day factors such as stress, travel, eating unhealthy foods, and even the use of some medications can upset the balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Taking a Probiotic supplement may be useful in helping to promote a balanced gut to support digestive and immune health. 

REMEMBER – your GUT is HOME to up to 70% of your IMMUNE SYSTEM. 
Eric’s Formula doubles its population in less than five minutes – making it stronger than most acidophilus on the market. L Plantarum is more stable and multiplies faster than L Salvarus and other bacterium. Our formula contains 15 strains. (NO FILLERS) 

Recommend usage: 2 capsules before bed and 1 capsule upon arising. For convenience you may take 3 capsules at bedtime. 

The benefits of L Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium are well known. They aid in the balance of good bacteria in the large intestine and are grown and delivered in dairy products. Stronger and more powerful versions of helpful bacteria strains like L Plantarum are grown on plant products. There are lesser strains like L Saivarius which are similar, but lack the ability to multiply as quickly and are not as stable. The oxygen generated Lactobacillus in the product produces lactic acid as a main product from carbohydrates. Lactic Acid encourages a more acidic environment which inhibits less desirable micro-organisms. The pH balance of the colon is controlled solely by lactic acid. 
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