A great juice for belly bloating!

Watermelon & Celery🌿🍉
This juice will help you get rid of excess water from the body in a healthy, natural way. It will get rid of excess water, so you won’t be dehydrated. 

Watermelon is a natural diuretic and moisturizer since about 90% of its composition is water. In addition, it is rich in lycopene, a substance that gives the red color to the fruit, which acts to prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer. 

NOTE* WATERMELON is NOT recommended for diabetics. A non- sweet alternative is a combo of Celery & Cucumber. 

CELERY has long been used to regulate the bowels and control excessive intestinal gas. Compounds in celery have been shown to reduce the amount of water that is retained by the body, and its high water content can help flush out excessive amounts of salt 🌱🍉 The taste is not too sweet and it goes down easy! 😊

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