Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry Juice

Two products worth investing your money and time on. 
Apple Cider Vinegar has so many wonderful healing compounds. 
Some include, acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and Enzymes. 
I love Bragg’s Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. It can help detox your body since it’s considered a liver and lymphatic tonic. It also helps balance your body’s pH and stimulates cardiovascular stimulation, bowel motility, and lymphatic drainage. 

This wonderful tonic also supports weight loss and metabolism. Add 1 Tablespoon of tonic to 1 cup of water. 
Unsweetened Cranberry Concentrate- I usually put 1 oz of concentrate in one cup of water. Evidence suggests that incorporating cranberry concentrate, into your diet can help enhance overall health. 

Phytonutrients which are naturally derived plant compounds are present in cranberries and have been found to prevent a wide range of health problems. Here are a few health benefits- cranberries contain proanthocyanidins which help with recurring UTIs. Research shows that drinking cranberry juice regularly can help prevent UTIs. *NOTE: CRANBERRY JUICE is NOT effective in treating UTIs once you have the infection, (although it can’t hurt) and is only a preventative measure. They also contain polyphenolic compounds within the fruit. Studies have also suggested that regular consumption of cranberry juice inhibits the development and spread of cancerous tumors. 
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