Do Your Colors – Which Makeup Shades Are Right For You?

When shopping for cosmetics, it’s often as confusing as picking a color from a box of crayons. With so many to choose from, who knows which to choose? Celebrity makeup artist Laurie Lombardi, owner of Laurie Lombardi Cosmetics (, offers a few basic guidelines for you to follow.


African American Skintones

The most important cosmetic for this skintone is foundation with a blue undertone, so facial skin doesn’t look dull or ashy. Shimmery eyeshadows in shades like amber work nicely. Peachy-coral blushes add warmth to the cheeks, and can also be used as eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eye up towards your eyebrow. No lipliner is necessary since lips have a natural fullness. Crème or matte bronze shades are ideal for lipstick.

Latina or Asian Skintones

Foundation should have a yellow undertone (such as bisque or beige) with a slight reddish cast to it, to add warmth. Taupes and ambers work well on the eyes. Avoid shades that are too gray, since they’ll overemphasize the yellowness in these skintones. Blushes in reddish or currant hues add a perfect glow to cheeks. Lips can also be lined with a red currant shade and then filled-in with a goldish shimmery lipstick.

Caucasian or Fair Skintones

For eyes and cheeks, taupes and bronzes look great. Be sure your shades aren’t too brown, to avoid looking unnatural. Ruby lips are fine, but make sure that the shade complements your foundation well, and doesn’t wash out the skin. To add overall warmth and get rid of sallow paleness, a bronzer should be applied with a large fluffy brush (never with a small contour brush – you’ll get streaks). Sweep allover face for a healthy glow. This also allows for darker eye, lip, and cheek colors to be used. To highlight the eyes, lavender works well, especially when mixed with taupe, and applied to the outer corners.

Olive Skintones

There’s practically no color that olive-skinned women can’t wear! Pinks happen to look especially terrific. Reds are absolutely wonderful to warm the skin’s yellow undertone.

Last Words

Laurie reminds us that, even more than color, it’s the application that truly counts! For foolproof cosmetic usage, follow the natural structure of your face, and contour it using earth tones. Then, accentuate with color. Once you find the right technique for the shape of your face, you’ll actually need less makeup, since you’ll be bringing your best features forward.

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